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Who We Are:
ICON Consultants

ICON Consultants was incorporated with the firm aim to provide Human Resources Services and Manpower Services to the businesses across Pakistan, regardless of their size, headcount, or location in the country. With our well-experienced team, well-deserved reputation, and extensive expertise, we realize the challenges that organizations face due to a lack of workforce resource quality. Our professionals are renowned for overcoming some of the most dramatic and critical problems and dedicatedly help companies achieve their goals.

ICON Consultants quickly analyzes and identifies the human resources necessities in any organization. Our experts act as advisors and perform a comprehensive and intensive request to window-out the right candidature. The internally built programs and procedures that we apply ensures the best-fit applicants to our customer’s requirements. We appreciate conveying tremendous labor force and HR results and invest wholeheartedly in bringing key arrangements that form durable connections.

We are proud to be among the largest HR consulting firms providing HR management services nationwide. In this competitive market, we are always with you in a matter of days or even hours. We opt for a cost-effective approach in providing human resource services in Pakistan. With talented and highly skilled HR professionals across the country in addition to our core management team, we are confident to support you in the best way possible. We handle all levels of professionals with many specialties.


What do we Stand for?

Emerging from the roots of professionalism, our team of experts knows the solution that your firm needs the most. As expert HR consultants Pakistan, we continuously strive to excel in ensuring our services provide the best of what we do.

Our services cover the entire gamut of Human Resources function and share HR portfolios of its clients, in a partnering manner, by providing services in the following areas:

Manpower Outsourcing

Acting as one of the rapidly growing manpower provider company in the region, we feel confident to serve you at our best.

HR Managed Services

Leading among the top managed service providers, our agency handles the most complex managed services proficiently.

Staff Secondment

Secodment of staff is one of the critical task that helps organizations get faster results at the lowest cost. We are here to make secondment services process easier for you.

Executive Search

Find the best and most reliable overseas employment agencies in Pakistan. We are the leaders in the industry with extensive experience as one of the reliable recruitment agencies.

Employee Credential

Credential Verification services can be critical. We are here to serve as the most authentic employment verification service provider locally and internationally.

Cleaning Service

Having a well-trained staff, ICON Consultants provides reliable fumigation services and also acts as cleaning staff providers.


Good Firm
Great People

ICON Consultants works with multiple size organizations with more extensive experience in the industry, from large-scale industries to small and medium-sized enterprises.

We take pride in providing local and international resource recruitment, payrolls, and HR managed services, all of which are customized specifically to meet your firm’s particular requirements.

Our business model is highly customer-centric, believing that every business has its own needs and should be catered to individually. Our wide range of services complements the entire human resource cycle and its related processes.

Not only businesses, but we are well-reputed to provide extensive and fair support to candidates at every stage of their career path.

We are confident that our team will amaze you with their passion and intense dedication reflected in each service they provide. ICON Consultants is surefire to benefit you with its personalized approach, integrated services, and extensive customer support, and guidance from our skilled professionals.

Our distinctive take on businesses allows us to seamlessly handle multiple leading organizations, which eventually demonstrates a strong track record of quality and success.


Better future with
ICON Consultants

ICON Consultants (Private) Limited is a part of TAG Group, which has been in the professional services sector since 1998. In addition to being an ISO (9001:2008) Quality Certified HR Company, Our competitive edge is that the Company’s key management comprises seasoned professionals (Chartered Accountants, HR, Labor Law & Industrial Management Experts) and the diversity of resources through Local & Foreign Associates;
and it is this diversity that makes us the Human Resource Management & Consultancy firm for your HR capital and outsourcing needs. Over the years, since 2004, when it emerged in TAG Group’s fleet, ICON Consultants has been providing integrated HR services and solutions to its clients, both within and outside Pakistan, through its dedicated and experienced team of professionals.


Our clients are most important to us, and we deal with them with honesty and integrity.


With the everyday boost in technology, we are always willing to adapt and put forward innovative solutions.


Our clients and their priorities are our priorities. We are always available for them and create solutions that best suit them.

Our Clients

Let's talk about improving your business marketing...

Let's talk about improving
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