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Established with a strong sense of entrepreneurship, Consultant emerged as one of the strongest and most reliable HR consultants in Pakistan. With its root spread across in all major expertise, the company provides complete automated solutions for 3rd party outsourcing, secondment, payroll management, or credential verification. With more than a decade of experience in the industry, ICON Consultants created its strong clientele locally and as well as internationally. Quality is always of top priority for this ISO-certified enterprise where its internationally recognized standards are periodically monitored and maintained to date. What adds more to our reputation is our diversified portfolio and association with TAG Group  having the diversity of resources. We have been serving the industry with integrated HR Solutions that load off your HR’s burdens and fulfill the needs of modern human capital management with our experienced professionals.
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Values at Our Core

As pioneers of HR consultants in Pakistan, we understand the significance of staying at the forefront of industry trends and advancements. Our team of experts remains steadfast in their commitment to continuous learning, ensuring that the latest best practices and cutting-edge technologies always inform our strategies.

As a seasoned HR company in Pakistan, we consistently work to improve our services and make sure they are the best in the industry. Our services encompass the whole range of human resources operations, and we work with our clients to share their HR portfolios by offering the following services:
Manpower Outsourcing

Manpower Outsourcing

As a leading provider in Pakistan's rapidly growing field of human resource outsourcing, we take great pride in our ability to satisfy and even go above and beyond for our clients. Our dedication to providing outstanding workforce solutions has established us as an industry leader and a reliable partner.

HR Managed Services

HR Managed Services

We pride ourselves in being the top HR-managed services provider in Pakistan. It might be difficult to manage HR services, but with our assistance, you can relax knowing that your needs are in good hands.

Staff Secondment

Staff Secondment

It might take time and money to find, hire, and train new employees. That's where our Staff Secondment services come in to revolutionize your approach.

Executive Search

Executive Search

Discover the finest and most dependable overseas employment agencies in Pakistan. As a human resource services provider, we possess vast expertise as a trusted recruitment agency, cementing our position as leaders in the field.

Employee Credential

Employee Credential

As a leading provider of local and international employment verification, we are dedicated to delivering the most reliable and trustworthy services.

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Cleaning Service

ICON Consultants is not just a human resource service provider but also offers cleaning services. We recognize the value of keeping the environment clean and free of pests. Our team of experts undergoes rigorous training to stay updated on the latest fumigation techniques and safety protocols; we offer services along with cleaning staff.


Good Firm Great People

ICON Consultants works with multiple size organizations with more extensive experience in the industry, from large-scale industries to small and medium-sized enterprises. We take pride in providing local and international resource recruitment, payrolls, and HR managed services, all of which are customized specifically to meet your firm’s particular requirements. Our business model is highly customer-centric, believing that every business has its own needs and should be catered to individually. Our wide range of services complements the entire human resource cycle and its related processes.

Not only businesses, but we are well-reputed to provide extensive and fair support to candidates at every stage of their career path.
We are confident that our team will amaze you with their passion and intense dedication reflected in each service they provide. ICON Consultants is surefire to benefit you with its personalized approach, integrated services, and extensive customer support, and guidance from our skilled professionals.
Our distinctive take on businesses allows us to seamlessly handle multiple leading organizations, which eventually demonstrates a strong track record of quality and success.

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