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Why is a detailed background analysis required?

Employee Credential Verification

An established company requires a deep understanding and thorough background information of the candidates it recruits. In times like today, identity theft, wiping out criminal records, falsely presenting an impressive employment history and even faking degrees and verification letters from organizations is an easy task. It is therefore imperative for all companies to understand why Employment Verification Services are of the utmost importance.

A resume is a standard piece of sheet which is usually scribbled with high-end words and job descriptions people don’t actually know of. Before selecting a candidate, the majority of the companies rely on word-of-mouth references and some even trust the CV completely enough to not check any details added in it. This screening process is highly unreliable and inaccurate for recruitment purposes.

After a certain amount of awareness, there are companies that, other than the basic screening process, turn to Credential Verification Services who ensure that these individuals are interested in the company with their best interest based on trust and credibility. Moreover, all the information which the candidate presents is verified and double-checked on a number of scales.

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What do we offer at  ICON Consultants?

At ICON Consultants, we offer a complete background check so that the company’s rapport and reputation stay put and in line. Companies often make the mistake of hiring candidates out which can cost them their reputation and even lose productivity. This not only protects the company’s credibility and accountability in multiple aspects but it allows them to steer clear of any legal matters and grievances that might be too much of a hassle to handle. The impact this costs on an established company is a direct blow to its services and its clients in both professional and social ways. Our Employee Credential Verification Services is a detailed and elaborate procedure that requires utter focus and an accomplished set of skills that we have incorporated in our employees. ICON Consultants, Employee Verification Service Providers are dedicated employees who go out of their way to make sure that the Human Resource Department of your company checks the list and eventually your company does not face any inconveniences in terms of recruiting individuals. This entire procedure is a lengthy and tedious affair, which ensures that your company has relief from confirming and rechecking every minor detail of the newly hired personnel. There are many service providers which offer Employment Verification Services on a manual scale. The details and the entries are verified by word-of-mouth which again is an outdated way to get the job done. The method is not only inaccurate but can also produce unreliable results which cannot be trusted completely. Furthermore, the process is time-consuming and one blunder in the system can cause a complete outbreak of the employee’s entire profile.

Credential Verification Services we offer

ICON Consultants is a professional experience for any company to work with. We take matters on the highest level of priority and all information is checked on multiple levels because it is handed to the company. Our verification services may include:
  1. Educational Documents Verification – Degrees and Transcripts can be verified directly from the sources who have issued the diplomas to the candidates.
  2. Health Checks and Documents – A complete medical history of the candidate is checked and verified to ensure that all documents provided are valid including any licenses or certifications in case the job available is for a medical recruit.
  3. Employment History – References are cross-checked on both national and international markets.
Apart from this, we also check basic information such as the locations, professional and personal references, Motor Vehicle History and all related civil records. Our goal is to guarantee that your company stays informed throughout the entire screening and selecting process.

Why are our services any different?

ICON Consultants have a cost-effective and privacy-focused solution for all organizational levels. Depending on your company, the services that it offers, the number of employees, and the clients it deals with, we offer standard tailored solutions to provide you with a stress-free credential verification system. Our privacy laws do not allow us to share any of the above mentioned information with third parties and outside the company other than our trusted clients.
After years of hard work and customer service, ICON Consultants has managed to evolve into one of the most detailed and fact-checking background screening companies. We have held on to what we stand for and have remarkably delivered and met client expectations by providing a systematic and accurate Employee Credential Verification Service.