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Staff Secondment Service

Recent trends indicate that organizations have realized the need to restrict their permanent HR fleet to a calculated level.

It can be challenging for any business to source additional professional and experienced staff for short-term purposes at times of emergency, especially when any available human resource falls short of meeting the demands of specific projects, reporting, or backlog clearance. Through its specialized Staff Secondment services, ICON Consultants helps you overcome the shortage of experienced and professional staff. The process seamlessly happens without waiting for induction programs to conclude, typically during periods of rapid growth, to meet the resource needs for special projects. Secondment Services are a good source for situations where an employee(s) is assigned to any enterprise temporarily. There is more than one reason why the need for staff secondment services arises for many enterprises belonging to multiple sectors. An organization may opt for internal secondment or external secondment based on the requirements and employee skills. ICON Consultants helps you with both internal and external secondments. However, external secondments seem to involve many legalities, which the experts well handle at ICON Consultants. The experts in our team analyze and identify if the secondment can be taken internally or there is a need to look for an external resource.

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In case it’s an internal secondment, our experts find the most relevant resource to get the task done within the timeframe required while ensuring that the department’s help is not affected in any way. Here are some reasons the professionals at ICON Consultants prefers Internal secondment:
  • The process is much faster
  • It promotes the skill development for an employee within the enterprise
  • It comes with very few legal regulations
  • The employee stays motivated with his progress and able to define his career path
  • Secondment of staff provides with the chance to work on short term projects that broadens the work scope
  • It hugely helps when the staff falls short due to unpredictable absenteeism
  • Motivates employees to stick to their organization for the longer term and seek opportunities to grow within the same
Of course, there are many instances where our experts suggest external staff secondment services. It comes with excellent staff secondment benefits for the organizations as well. Our team may prefer external secondments for the following reasons:
  • Companies do not owe any direct legal responsibilities toward externally seconded employee
  • The primary organization usually handles the day-to-day control of the seconded employee
  • The cost for the external seconded employee remains fixed, and responsibility finishes with the project
  • The seconded employee doesn’t hope for any benefit in the longer term from the host
  • It doesn’t integrate the seconded resource entirely within the organization and keeps the resource knowledge limited to the project knowledge while saving company information to be revealed to
We understand that external secondment services may involve legal obligations. Still, we ensure that our experts are well-equipped with the updated knowledge to make your company pass through these legalities with no hassle. Furthermore, our team plans and executes the process keeping in mind the changing trends, the predicted law changes, and forecasted situations to keep your company at a benefit in current and future scenarios. ICON Consultants has been actively deploying its staff under short to medium term contracts within Pakistan, but the client portfolio also covers many prominent names in the neighboring region (UAE, Bahrain, and Kuwait). Our international reach and expertise have given us an edge to assist our clients with their global operations without any need for them to travel. Moreover, we are well-versed with the laws and requirements for the regions we deal in and quite confident to ensure that our respective experts in the company handle all documentation. Secondment of staff provides services from finding secondment resources to documentation, from salary progression to proposal handlings, and performance to review negotiations; we cater the entire process for your firm, making it stress-free and cost-effective for you. We don’t leave you during the secondment period; also, we assist you in evaluating the performance, ensuring all your cost is worthy enough, and cooperating in any change that may occur due to any valid reasonings. The services from ICON Consultants are not limited to any grade or position. We handle from top management to the most basic job depending on the requirement and your organizational structure. We are proud to be the specialist secondment service provider that helps organizations and employees build growth strategies and deliver technical expertise. At ICON Consultants, we are fully dedicated to supporting careers for potential employees and building in-depth knowledge and skills by the opportunities that expand their professional horizons. Likewise, we are all charged up to help organizations promote cost-effective, result-oriented, and future-driven activities so that they can be benefited in the longer term. ICON Consultants is here for all the challenges your company faces and promptly handles them with a very productive approach.