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Executive Search Services

What are Executive Search Services?

Executive Search Services

Most recruitment agencies or Human Resource Departments have to develop a plan in favor of the company they work for which offers them guidelines on how they can hire substantial candidates that provide them with benefits and keep the company’s productivity level as a core priority. Overseas recruitment agencies or local hiring and selecting businesses are not the same. The inner workings of these companies are vastly different from executive search agencies.

Usually, overseas employment agencies hire candidates that seem fit for the senior management level but they quickly realize that their hiring is not up to the mark and is not performing as per the standards of the organization.

Executive Search companies are separate entities that cater to multiple recruits and based on the available job vacancies they offer pre-screened candidates to the hiring manager. These services are more elite and specialized as they target highly-qualified clients and provide them with interviews on a senior managerial or executive level.


Companies with an open hiring position will revert to these companies instead of traditionally posting a job online or spreading the word through its website.

Although these traditional methods might seem to be the norm of the best recruitment agencies it is a slow and tedious process where illegible clients who lack the needed descriptions and are under-qualified for the jobs appear. Sorting through these clients and then selecting is a cumbersome procedure that needs to be repeated for every hiring.
These candidates are talented and impactful professionals who are filled in to perform senior tasks at an advanced level.

How can this help?

Even for overseas employment agencies in Pakistan, assigning Executive level placements includes significant amount of search. The entire process is multifaceted and the results produced have a lasting impact on the company. Therefore, executive search services offer you tons of additional benefits including:

  • Instead of reaching out to multiple recruitment agencies, executive search firms narrow the possibilities down by pre-screening the candidates that are most fit for the available positions.
  • These firms hold considerable knowledge on searching for superior management skills that are the utmost requirement of top-tier positions in an organization.
  • They also understand the considerable knowledge and qualifications required for these positions.
  • They have vast networks and a broader reach to screen multiple applicants in a short time that are relevant to the job description.

What does ICON Consultants offer?

ICON Consultants is a leading name which is one of the efficient recruitment companies in Pakistan. We have a cluster of professionals that are befitting open job opportunities by are usually undiscovered because of various reasons.

  • Less exposure to the job advertisement
  • Travelling and relocations
  • Nationalities etc.

Because of our advanced search and efficient team members, we have been able to reach out to clients and carefully select them for top-level positions based on their proficiency and qualifications.

Our screening process to filter the best clients on the local and overseas scale include the following steps:

  • Briefing of the job requirements and skills – Our team understands carefully all the aspects of the open positions. They evaluate all the next steps based on this phase. All requirements pertaining to the job specification are kept in view during this stage.
  • Sourcing and Filtering applicants – Once the necessary details are requested from the company, the next step initiates. Potential applicants are set aside based on the requirements set forth by the employer. Due to the large volume of resumes and applications, this process requires time so that valued results are obtained.
  • Assessments and Evaluations – The shortlisted clients are then assessed and tested based on technical and first-screening based interviews. At this stage, clear-cut decisions are made keeping the job specifications in mind. Candidates who are unfocused and indistinct are not taken to the final stage.
  • Finalizing Pre-screening phase – A standardized list with candidate details are presented to the company’s hiring manager.

Why Us?

Overseas Recruitment Agencies and Head Heading companies in Pakistan are not comprehensive with these searches. Usually, the names of executive employees are taken down from professional networks without prior assessments or evaluations of any of the selected aspirants. This produces unprofessional and uncalled-for results because the company’s hiring manager has to complete the task all over again with no professional aid.

Among the best recruitment companies in Pakistan, ICON Consultants is a distinct and renowned name which lives up to the expectations of the employers. We are exhaustive with our search process and guarantee an all-inclusive and elaborate study on the selected applicants.

Based on the 4 steps of our Executive Search Process Cycle, the hiring manager does not have to go through any of the lengthy hiring formalities. All of that is covered by the best recruitment agency.

Evolved from these levels we are termed as one of the top recruitment agencies in Pakistan. Each step is carefully monitored and productive results are expected at every instant.

Let's talk about improving your business marketing...

Let's talk about improving
your business marketing...