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Our Services

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Manpower Outsourcing Services

Recent trends indicate that organizations have realized the need to restrict their permanent HR fleet to a calculated level.

Managed Services

Our managed services let our clients offload specific critical operations to be managed by us. We assume ongoing responsibility for monitoring, managing and/or problem resolution for selected systems and functions on behalf of our clients.

Staff Secondments

It can be a challenge for any business to source additional professional and experienced staff for short term purposes at times of emergency, when the available human recourse falls short to meet the demands of specific projects, reporting or backlog clearance.

Executive Search

Recruitment plan is an important HR management tool in the hands of an organization to monitor induction of employees as per required profile, at the right emoluments and at right time.

Employee Credential Verification

Organization's relationship with an employee, having clear credentials is based on Trust, Mutual Respect & Long-term Prospective.

Cleaning Services

ICON does a lot more than merely keep your facility clean. VClean is a separate business unit of ICON Consultants (Private) Limited.


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