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Recruitment plan is an important HR management tool in the hands of an organization to monitor induction of employees as per required profile, at the right emoluments and at right time.

Companies often look for senior and key officials in an increasingly tight executive market, wherein executive search may be the only way to secure the right mix of skills, experience and cultural compatibility in recruiting. As companies expand, markets and globalization become the key strategic focus. Consequently, the need to identify executives with diversified, multi-sector experience and the ability to build market share in emerging economies becomes more pressing.

Our reputation is based on our specialists' expertise, covering vide range of industries, functional practices, the rigor of our processes and the passion of our people. ICON's aim is simple: to build long-term client relationships through our ability to find the right candidate, with the right skills, at the right time in relation to all hierarchy of employees.

Executive Recruitment Search Service