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Organization's relationship with an employee, having clear credentials is based on Trust, Mutual Respect & Long-term Prospective.

It's a considerate opinion that often resume' contains false/ tweaked information and employers remain concerned as to the authenticity, reliability and validity of the information presented.

Having complete knowledge of a candidate's credentials, qualifications and job experience is the most important tool in the screening process. It is one of the best predictors of how the employee will perform.

ICON Consultants provides a wide range of employee verification covering verification of prime and basic segments including, but not limited to, educational and professional qualification, residence, previous employer, character check etc.

We at ICON, provide Employee Verification Services as part of our commitment to provide a complete HR Solution, with the objective to assist employers' in streamlining, not only the records of existing employees but also the process of hiring, the best resource.

Employee Credential Verification